Wish You Were Here

August 5th, 2010
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What does it mean to capture a moment amidst over three billion images?

And who owns images that live solely on the web?

This work was first shown as part of the If A Tree Falls exhibition


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Owns? I think the concept is becoming vestigial. Think Zipcar and Flexcar; leased cars; software in the cloud; documents in the cloud; music…

And now think of the “Google Glass” – a silly idea, I think, but also the wave of the future. Soon, it will be difficult to actually ‘own’ our thoughts. Who owns crowd sourcing (or perhaps I should ask, who can claim it belongs to them)? The culture is shifting quickly, faster than its members can adjust their mental frameworks.

I think it may be less about capturing images (or sounds, etc) than interacting with them, pinballing off of them.

My 2 cents.



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