Willamette Week: Scoop

December 17th, 2008


From Vol. 35/06 12.17.2008 “Scoop” Column:

STORY TIME: Abraham Ingle, 29, is about to change the way you look at that tree down the street that your dog loves to pee on. The Portland artist’s latest project, Neighborhood Diaries, is an audio rumination on Portland’s streets and neighborhoods. He’s calling it a collection of “location-based memories of normal residents,” encompassing everyone from former members of the Black Panther Party to p:ear volunteers. The anticipated release of the project’s final podcasts is in March; in the meantime, make your own historical contribution by allowing Ingle to record your memory (email him at hoodturkey@gmail.com). Want to see how competent he is before trusting him with your remembrance? Visit his website hoodturkey.com and download Episode 1 of The Flight and the Fall, his artsy audio show similar to NPR’s This American Life, or attend the debut of Episode 2 on Sunday, Dec. 21, at Valentine’s.”

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