When YOU Become Slang

April 6th, 2010

Even though I don’t use facebook or twitter, I do keep track of it, as far as Hoodturkey is concerned.

Recently I’ve learned that “hoodturkey” is being used as slang (at least among three kids).

Which is interesting.

People often ask what is up with “hoodturkey” and the simple answer is that, when I started this site, I needed a domain name, and wasn’t yet in a position where I felt comfortable putting all of this stuff under abrahamingle.com.

Hoodturkey was unique, it was weird, and for a very brief time was kind of like a pet name.

Now of course it has a completely different meaning that has out-sized it origins, and I’m often surprised when I recall where it came from.

So what happens if the slang takes off, if the definition of your name changes to mean something that belongs in a dirty south hip-hop video.

(then again, I’ve often thought that I belong in a dirty south hip hop video)

Do you wait it out, or do you roll with the fluid nature of associations and find a new name?

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