When Things Fall Apart

December 5th, 2010

I’m a part of the Recess Synthesis Project, in which 12 “artists” are randomly paired to work on a project. At the end of that period, 1 member of each team moves on to a different project. In a final third phase, the member that stayed with the project in the second phase moves on, meaning that each project has four sets of hands on it. As someone who doesn’t have much experience collaborating on my projects, it’s an interesting experience.

Phase 1: Thesis

Gabe Flores and I collaborated on this project.

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We initially planned on interviewing people about various themes: things falling apart, fear, growth, etc… but upon reviewing the footage, we deemed it not suitable for showing to an audience. The failure of the project gave us an opportunity to make the project a document of our collaboration, and of it’s failure, and ultimately (I think) of our success (as collaborators – how you feel about the document is another thing entirely..)

Silent clips of the interviews were shown while a recorded phone conversation (about the failure and collaboration) between Gabe and I played.

for phase 2. I am moving on to work with Michael Reinsch

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