Waiting Rooms and Fisticuffs

March 17th, 2011

You’ve probably heard about these crazy facebook apps: Break Up Notifer and Waiting Room, which in one way or another encourage people to break up so you can make your move.

Break-up Notifier was banned, but gained a disturbing number of participants before it happened, and Waiting room probably has a ton too.

There’s an Onion headline that stuck in my mind:
Romantic-Comedy Behavior Gets Real-Life Man Arrested

What I find disturbing about these apps isn’t just that their completely fucking gross and awful and encourage gross and awful behavior, but that the line between “disgusting fucking stalker” and “average facebook user” is getting thinner (they were always somewhat connected in my mind).

If I was dating a lady and found out a dude was in her “waiting room” I’d be pretty fucking angry. (Not that I would date anyone who had a “waiting room” – but I’m not sure how this stuff works)
And if someone wanted to get in line for me (thank you ladies) I feel like I would be totally turned off by that.

Breakups are hard – whether you’re the initiator or not! When leaving that conversation, I want matzo ball soup, not a douche-bag from facespace waiting on my front porch trying to show me some leg.

Am I alone in this? Are you down with this bullshit?

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