Wanted: memories, no matter how odd

November 6th, 2008


Wanted: memories, no matter how odd

by Rebecca Koffman, Special to The Oregonian

Thursday November 06, 2008, 12:00 AM

Abraham Ingle wants your memories.

The Portland artist is working on a project he calls Neighborhood Diaries. He records Portlanders’ memories of places and weaves them into audio walking tours, which he’ll distribute as free podcasts.

Ingle says he hopes the tours immerse Portlanders in the rich, emotional histories of seemingly mundane corners and buildings. “A neighborhood is about so much more than property values,” he says.

He’s collaborating with nonprofits that work with homeless youths such as p:ear and New Avenues for Youth. He’s also chosen neighborhoods from each quadrant of the city. In North and Northeast, he’ll focus on Boise, King and Vernon because he’d like to hear pre-gentrification memories. He also wants to hear from residents of Buckman, Downtown and Northwest.

He’ll meet you at the place of your choosing. No memory is too long, too short or too weird. Contact him at hoodturkey@gmail.com or go to www.hoodturkey.com.

Rebecca Koffman

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