The most beautiful day

February 28th, 2008

Are you in Portland?
Are you living this shit!?
It’s the most beautiful day of the year yet. I don’t think I’m jinxing anything by saying that Spring is on(!) in the PDX. Today feels almost like Summer. I took a long lunch to eat a sandwich and salad outside, then took a long walk along a field and listened to the little critters getting startled in the brush. I imagined the narrator from Planet Earth saying, “here too, there is life.” Then, reluctant to go inside, I basked out in the sun for another 20 minutes looking at the blue, cloudless sky and purring on all the light and warmth, and the perfect breeze. In the winter I sometimes curse myself for ever leaving So Cal, but when I can feel the fever starting to burn inside my heart like this I am reminded of the power of seasons, of balance, and of contrast.
Growing up in So Cal is like being raised rich, living in the NW is like struggling and then getting an inheritance from a great ant you never new about.
lovin’ it.

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