Let’s ramble about Time Travel and Photography

April 19th, 2010

There’s a tiny amount of hullabaloo regarding this image below, which was supposedly taken in 1940, in Canada, for the re-opening of a bridge:

Note the hipster wearing modern clothes, sun-glasses, and perhaps a small camera.

So some people are saying: “look, look, proof of time travel” and other people are saying, “no no, he’s just the 1940’s equivalent of hipster run-off (Beatnick-Amble-Yonder?*).”

And everyone is asking why a hipster or a time traveler would be at a bridge re-opening, but that is not the subject of this rambling.

I’ve been operating under the assumption that since time travel hasn’t happened yet, it won’t happen (at least to us, you can talk about alternate-universe-bizarro stuff, but my consciousness will only exist (to me) in one universe, so to hell with the rest {you are now rocking with the best-universe wise}). But this is not the subject of this rambling either.

Which brings us to the concept of Ramblings, which, having either none or several subjects, makes the previous sentence irrelevant.

What actually struck me about this argument is that the nature of authenticity isn’t much questioned. The sites have some general info (not written by any figure of authority,  but by a blogger like you or me) about various authenticity tests that the image has passed, but I don’t think we can possibly trust any image anymore. Is the above image any more believable than this one?

batman arrests castro

Now more than ever**, we can’t believe our eyes.

*Although hipster is actually a 40’s word so….

** or maybe not

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