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July 22nd, 2009

So do I get to call myself a writer as well? Nice to have a rant published though- perhaps a prelude to my twilight years? Anyway, here it is:

Disclaimer: Abraham Ingle does not endorse social networking.

As my generation has demonstrated, nothing motivates like ego, loneliness, and simulacra. Thus I propose to create a dating/social networking site for people who care about the environment. The title will be a pairing of the word “Green” with either: Mate, Fling, Book, Space, Date, ster, or Face.

“GreenFace.com” invites users to network and to get together (date) in real life and suggests activities that help the environment. Environmental organizations can post events by zip code to help people think up things to do, and a number of “evergreen” activities will be suggested as well.

In addition, each “GreenFling.com” user’s profile has a checklist of over 100 things they can do in their homes to help the environment (Energy efficient lighting/thermostats, etc…). Users can “impress” viewers of their profile by completing and documenting (via flickr/youtube, etc…) the things they’ve done. Completing home improvement events, donating, and volunteering improves a “Greenster.com” user’s publicly viewable green statistics, allowing users to marvel and seek/weed out users by their activism.

“Greenspace.com” can be set up for under a million dollars, and be maintained through advertising.

Thank you, and may we all remember to un-plug.

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