2012 NW Biennial

November 29th, 2011

Abraham Ingle will be showing in the 2012 NW Biennial at the Tacoma Art Museum

TAM will be presenting two of my works: Pants Exchange, and Fake Up, at the 2012 NW Biennial from January 21st to May 20th.

Pants Exchange is an urban koan and the first project I ever did, long before I was told “psst, this is art.”

Fake Up is an interactive Salon, complete with a photographer and beautician, stocked only with the supplies used by incarcerated women to adorn themselves: coffee grounds, skittles, crystal lite, etc…

Thank You to my awesome kickstarter supporters that helped make this possible:
Lyle Kopnicky, Rabia Yeaman, Amy Doud, Vivian Hua, Mitch Plummer, Donald Allgeier, Lucas Moore, Ken Miller, Michael Plump, Tori Abernathy, Dustin Zemel, Fred Melden, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Nim Wunan, Ian Van Ness, Cool Shop Golf, and Corinne Rupp

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