Hell has like, Frozen Over

April 25th, 2010

A long time friend of mine recently joined a social network and I got an email requesting network inclusion.

In the request he said that hell had frozen over.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a new campaign that in effect extends their presence over the entire internet (that’s what that “like” button is on the bottom of this post).

What are these buttons doing on the site of a guy who will flip if you use your cel phone at the table?

I’m still working that out…

The whole point of having this site is to make a public home for my projects.

The public calls these projects art, and so I market the project as that too, because the better I market my projects, the more opportunities I have to do more projects, talk about projects etc…

And it totally works. I’ve been interviewed three times this year, some students are even filming a short documentary about me.

Very crazy, and very much a result of this. And very fun too, I just played a “mentorship” role to a student that contacted me through the site.

So you get out there, you spit your rss to twitter and facebook, and you say, it’s cool, I’m not actually on it, so it’s ok…

But then the world changes around you. I rarely get emails about events anymore, they all come through the facespace. When people I meet at a party contact me, it’s through the facespace, and I have to give them my email to take the conversation out of facespace.

And now these buttons… Impossible to ignore the power of these buttons…

It seems like a futile, self-harming protest to not use them, and I think that’s what makes me upset, it’s truly a no win situation…

Let me know what you think (in the comments, through facespace, or dare I say, next time we speak).

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