Everything’s Amazing and Nobody is Happy

March 4th, 2009

There is nothing like a good rant! Get amazed you jerks.

One thing though. MY generation isn’t the lamest generation, (that’s my littlest brother’s generation,) MY generation destroyed the music industry, made DIY main stream, listens to vinyl and iPods, and can code a website when we’re done working at the green indie business we founded in our twenties (you know, to clean up, like, the mess that was given to us).

We DO more than any generation before us. Lots of it sucks, but it doesn’t bother most of us, because we’re much better at recognizing crap content than any generation before us, so the nonsense doesn’t bother us so much. Also: a whole lot of it is awesome:

Behold! I am going to be making my Neighborhood Diaries project “open source.” I am in the process of creating a seperate blog, just for smart phones, and I’ll not only be posting memories I record, but memories anybody records, so even after/if you don’t do the whole “Neighborhood Diaries” thing, if you’re walking around someday, someplace, with a smart phone and you search for things nearby, one of these memories just might pop up for you to listen to. It is awesome! More on that to come. Anyway (look who caught the rant bug)…

Whoa! Here’s an idea: What if all of the bloggers and web develepers had age meta data embedded in their content. Then instead of having bitchy generation wars (like this post) we could be in an ever evolving contest to produce the best content? Hmmm, how to judge…. by diggs?

For the record: I’m 29, and I’ll be turning 30 in Spain, and I get to go there because I am an artist. Which is why, BTW, me and my generation are AWESOME!

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