Easter Fun!

April 12th, 2009

How does Hoodturkey celebrate Easter you ask?

(go ahead, ask)

A: By having so much fun!!!

We start the day with brunch, which included donuts made into bread-pudding and then made into French Toast.

Q: Can. You. Comprehend. It?

A: NO!

Now that our bellies are full, “We Want Rabbits!”

Q: Do we go with your average mall variety humanoid or the real kind?

A: We Go With Both! To the Humane Society!

Fake rabbit with free chocolate (and cute dog)

Real Rabbits with Free Cuteness! :

Real Rabbits with Free Cuteness

They sell these toys at the society, they are to teach your dog about geography? :

They sell these toys to teach your dog about Geography?

My Friend D got a cat, I wanted him to put it on his head. He said that they would not let him adopt the cat if he did that. While I see the logic in that, may I present exhibit A!!!

What’s with the mixed messages OHS? No (cats on head) means No (cats on head)!

Moral ambiguity* aside, the Oregon Humane Society is awesome if you like cute furry things! It’s clean, well-run, and full of helpful people and good vibes, you should go pet something.

*not really


Free cuteness! Always! Or we will revolt!

Free cuteness! Always! Or we will revolt!

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