August 25th, 2009

Whoo! Back from Europe, no better way to turn 30, yes? Ok, enough about that… I am a HUGE Mountaing Goats fan, and a big fan of Last Plane to Jakarta, John’s mostly death metal review blog. Why? Because John is awesome, and between posts describing the way something melts your face the way nothing else does, he writes shit like this:

“your attention is more valuable than the present age would have you believe. It’s the one thing you brought to this world that it didn’t have before, and it’s the only thing of consequence that you’ll permanently remove from this world when you leave. You know? So when somebody sort of cavalierly directs your attention someplace without so much as a tossed-off phrase indicating why you should bother, then you ought, in my opinion, to regard such people/sources/tweets as emissaries of the dark Lord. To say that something “has to earn your attention” is false; one of the miracles of attention is that it sometimes yields the biggest dividends when it’s given weightlessly, unmerited, on a one-way street. But that’s not to say that attention is so light a thing that one can afford to shed it like dandruff. Our supply of attention is finite. That’s worth remembering.”

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