Agassi’s Toupee (and how it relates to your inevitable death)

November 12th, 2009

TENNIS-US-AGASSI-OPEN-WIGI was listening to Fresh Air today on the way to an artists’ brainstorming session.

Terri Gross was interviewing Andre Agassi, who I guess wore a Toupee for a while (see flattering image on the left). His reasons were perfectly human: vanity, fear of aging, etc… but of course the toupee, and the fear of its discovery, grew to over-shadow the other fears.

I was pondering something hours later, and realized that it was also a self-digging pit… an Agassi’s Toupee.

How great to have that ridiculous image to help me recognize unhealthy practices.

Just say: “Don’t wear Agassi’s Toupee!”

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