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March 26th, 2009



Listen to the podcast here

The charming Ivy Lin profiled me, my previous work, and my Neighborhood Diaries project for her Current City show on Weiden and Kennedy’s W+K radio. The show will air on Thursday, April 2nd, 10am PST. The show also features Jonathan Raymond (writer of film “Wendy & Lucy” and “Old Joy” the film with Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy* set in Portland). Ivy travels around a lot, and does an episode of Current City for each place she visits, so I’m quite honored to be representing Portland to all the W+K Listeners. I haven’t heard it yet, so listen at 10 and cringe/celebrate with me…

Current City on Weiden and Kennedy’s W+K Radio. To be aired on Thursday, 4/2/09, 10am PST, on WK Radio (listen @ http://radio.wk.com)

*1 degree and closing…

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